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PRO MOD for MooMoo.io

PRO MOD for MooMoo.io

Auto-aim, auto healing, and advanced small place. Yes, what it is. Only the one you like.

All the garbage is deleted, as before, has a new user interface, here is a complete list of all this seems to be:
-Auto-aim auto-healing, and sometimes, the work is not the cookie)

Advanced mini-map(shows a desert, the Arctic and the river)
-Remove the nausea. From the home page. (Banner advertising, all of it)

Pro Mod MooMoo.io

In other words, this mod makes you amazing, in battle, there is no way. You can also see your team members with greater accuracy.

You don’t have to worry about with the healing, the Ministry of Defense does the rest.

The small map in the script, this is from the now deletd script by MooMooioSandbox.com

If you think I stole this script, you have no
credit, this is fake!

v1. 7-updated

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