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MooMoo.io New Updates

MooMoo. io is one of the most interesting of the game, you need to build your farm produce. Its main objective is to protect the farm from the other actors. Advance through the different levels of the game and the new project. Moomoo. io is regularly updated to improve the features of the game. You can keep track of and understand new moomoo. io update is as follows.

The MooMoo. io update

There are several moomoo. io update. All new hats with their new skills, really good. Strengthening of ht increase the speed of the movement and the new tip of the hat to damage enemies close to 5%, if it damage. Moomoo. io update, also added a chat, the gold and the saving of resources. Developers also finally managed to add the new gold weapons upgrade.

Weapons not doing anything special now, but you have to have the extra capacity. Currently there is a gold version of the Katana and great axe, and have more gold, weapons, online. It is not easy to get gold weapons. You just need a farm weapons, you can have the gold weapons.

What MooMoo. io is all about the game

Moomoo. io is one of the most fascinating game. This is a brand new survival io game, you must build your own farm, in order to produce some points. You should also try and protect their farms from other players. Once you have accumulated enough resources for yourself, you can build new buildings and thus earn points. In order to collect more and more resources in the game you need to warm the trees, stones and bushes.

You can also go and attack his opponent, the players in this process. After collecting enough resources, you can also create your own buildings and farms, and produce points.

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